The Wards of Covenant

Ward 1: The Heights.

The First Ward of the city is the richest area of the city. It is also the greenest, by virtue of the extensive parks and promenades scattered around the Ward. Those who live in this Ward are often extremely wealthy, and the city guard of this Ward are paid a little extra by the residents to keep riff-raff out. This ward also has many estates on earthmotes floating high above the ground.

Ward 2: The University.

The main feature of the Second Ward is Covenant’s University. An single interconnected compound composed of classrooms, libraries, magical laboratories and other unidentified buildings, the University dominates this ward in size and influence. The rest of the ward is either residences or shops catering to those who work or study at the University. There are various earthmotes scattered above this Ward, most of them home to upper-level mages.

The majority of the Shield’s Bards and Swordmages come from the Second Ward. University students interested in combat generally apply for Shield duty after they graduate, and those who wish to continue with their studies choose to remain in the Second Ward.

Because of the tendency of the University to be a little lax with enforcing Covenant law, Priests in the Second Ward are especially trained in the arcane arts for purposes of discovery and interrogation. The High Priests and Arbiter of this Ward have seen many magical crimes, and are very well-suited for the investigation and prosecution of any renegade mages they may discover.

Ward 3: Elfland.

Predominantly elven, for obvious reasons, and with a strong bend towards classes that favor speed and dexterity. Captain Zan, a local from one of the stronger families, heads the Shield contingent. However, after a drow arachnomancer was arrested by private citizens under his nose, the Captain’s tendency to overlook suspicious activity among the more prominent elven families is being called into question.

Elves are the dominant race of the Third Ward. Due to their racial xenophobia, they would have preferred to completely wall off the Ward from the rest of the city, but the Shield and the Church forced them to keep the Ward open. Although the general public can travel along the main streets, large section of the Ward are walled off into private estates that only elves or City Officials can enter. Until recently, the elven families were allowed to raise their homes into the sky by way of earthmotes, and many powerful families preferred to be out of reach to distasteful rabble.

Ward 4: The Market.

The main feature of the Fourth Ward is the sprawling marketplace. Most craftsman and merchants live and do business in this Ward, and virtually any goods can be found here. The Fourth Ward also trades the majority of the off-world material that comes in through the Fifth Ward, so many magic items and rarities can be found here. Until recently, there was a thriving black market in this district, but Shield raids have forced it deeper underground for the time being. Because it is the social and commercial hub of the city, this Ward is also where Prince Syler keeps his residence.

Shield forces in the Fourth Ward closely mirror their compatriots in the Sixth Ward. Due to the propensity of this Ward towards finance, it also attracts a large amount of pickpockets, conmen, and boasts the most significant organized crime presence in the city. Therefore, the Shield in this Ward has evolved to combat those crimes. The Captain is a human by the name of Thule, a humorless soldier interested only in the downfall of the crime syndicates in the Ward.

Ward 5: The New Quarter.

The Fifth Ward is connected, both by teleporter and bridge to the Guardian’s Gate floating outside. As a result, it is where most new immigrants enter and get their first glimpse of Covenant. The residents of this Ward are constantly moving out and most of the housing here is meant to be temporary while citizens attempt to relocate to other Wards. This Ward is also where most of those who frequently venture out of the city choose to reside. The Explorers’ Guild has its main headquarters in this Ward.

The Roost of the Fifth Ward is the only part of Covenant directly connected to the Guardian’s Gate, and is therefore responsible for keeping the Gate secured. The majority of Shield troops “in” the Fifth Ward are in some way associated with the Guardian’s Gate. The Explorer’s Guild, for example, only operates off-world, and many high-ranking Shield officials oversee the functioning and defense of the Gate. For this reason, Shield presence in the streets of the Fifth Ward is light at best. Captain Ashdown, a human and a former Explorer, now oversees the operations of the Gate.

Ward 6: The Red District.

Pleasure and cheap, poor quality housing abounds in the Sixth Ward of the City. The largest number of bars and brothels can be found in this Ward. This is also where those who can’t find housing go after they get kicked out of the Fifth Ward. There are rumored to be several disreputable guilds in this area, and it is the most likely place to find contraband or illegal services.

Ward 7: The Stacks.

The Seventh Ward is linked externally to the Foundry, and for this reason, it is the center of industrial production in the city. This Ward features the greatest amount of Warforged, and the factories here make everything from armaments for war to pieces of magical machinery. Many large factories are present in this area, and the Warforged that emerge from the Foundry toil to make superior goods here.

Ward 8: The Residences

The Eighth Ward contains the largest collection of housing in the city. In an effort to combat racial isolationism, the Founders established the Eighth Ward as a common home for all races of Covenant, and many shops in the Eighth Ward cater specifically to a single race. For this reason, it is also the most likely place to find some of the more exotic species on Covenant. The strong cultural diversity has led to emergence of more than a few cross-racial gangs, but the Shield and the Church work hard to keep the Eighth Ward from going the way of the Sixth Ward and becoming slums.

Ward 9: Dragontown.

The Ninth Ward of Covenant is where the largest concentration of Dragonborn settled during the Founding, and they have remained culturally attached to the area. The Dragonborn in this quarter are proud of their heritage and often hold festivals honoring their clan or the Founders. This Ward also hosts many cultural relics of the Dragonborn, including a tribal council that governs the Ward and an arena for rite-of-passage rituals.

The Wards of Covenant

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