The Church of the Umbral Shroud

Headquartered: A Church Spire is present in every Ward, placed like spokes on a wheel, extending from the smaller inside ring

Leadership: Arbiters, High Priests

Silver Keys: Unknown

Bronze Keys: Arbiters

Generally referred to simply as the Church, is the main administrative and judicial body for the city. The Church possesses smallest amount of dedicated members, instead preferring to contract others to perform most menial tasks. For example, the Church employs a large amount of clerks and bureaucrats, but only the priests of the Church are considered official members of the Organization. All minor guilds and businesses in the city are registered with the Church, and all private affairs that wish to have the blessing of the city generally give generously to the Church.

Any race may join the Church, although many of the upper leaders are revenants, rumored to have been reborn by the hand of the Shadow Below himself. The priests of the Church, notorious for their calm and calculated manner, are spread widely throughout the city, ensuring smooth adherence to the law. Low-level priests are mere interpreters of the written laws, which high-level members are authorized to create precedents and adjust the laws as they see fit. The highest rank of priest is Arbiter, ancient Revenants bearing the Bronze Key of Covenant. There are few things as terrifying as seeing an Arbiter, rippling with black and purple smoke, flanked by two paladins of the Shield coming to pass sentence.

The Shield cooperates directly with the Church frequently, as both as tasked with ensuring order within the city. Many squads of Shield soldiers will have a priest with them to interpret the laws of the city, as Shield members are not particularly prone to wisdom or intelligence. Likewise, the Shield will frequently send soldiers to support Church priests if they are required to place themselves in harm’s way.

The Church is also the only institution permitted to perform the miracle of resurrection. Through a careful monopoly on this ritual, the Church ensures that no one previously slain returns from the dead, and violators of this law are ruthlessly hunted. There are no exceptions to this policy, and all requests for resurrection have to go through the Church.

Along the inside curve of the city, the Church maintains nine Spires, so named for their thin, crystalline appearance. These glowing purple structures are the physical “churches” of the Organization, and are treated like the civic offices of the city. Judicators perform trials within the Spires, and citizens must come to the Spires to petition Church decisions, including rulings on resurrection requests. Each of the nine Spires is governed by an Arbiter.

All members of the Church are faithful followers of the Shadow Below, placing no other gods before him. While most citizens of Covenant recognize the power of the Shadow Below, few directly pray to him for fear of attracting his attention. Furthermore, the cold demeanor of the priests alienate them from the rest of the population of Covenant, who see them as an integral, but extremely unnerving part of the city.

The Church of the Umbral Shroud

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