The City of Covenant has a plethora of races that calls the city their home. As the city travels and interacts with other planes, it always encourages the strong to join its ranks. Due to this policy of immigration, almost all races can be found in the city. However, some races are more popular and readily found than others.


One of the seed races of the city, the humans are perhaps the most populous race. A quick-breeding and versatile race, humans can be found in every facet of the city life. However, because they lack the cohesive social structure of the Dragonborn, Elves, or Warforged, there are many humans cast aside living in poverty in the Fifth and Sixth Wards.


One of the three original races of Covenant, the elves tend to be xenophobic and many prefer to stay within the Third Ward, isolated from the rest of the city. As a symbol of the time before Covenant, the elves still crown one of their own as king, though this is only a ceremonial crowning as the king has no official capacity. Due to their long lifespan, the elves have a bit of disdain towards the Shadow Below and tend to favor one of the other two Founders.


Anywhere where Elves and Humans can breed, half-elves will be found. Any given half-elf’s disposition will depend on the environment within which the half-elf was raised. However, most half-elves tend to follow their Human cousins and be open minded.


This proud race was one of the seed races and it is said that they served the Founders in the time before Covenant. While they regard all of the Founders with great respect, their love for the Dragon Above is unmatched. The majority of Dragonborn serve the Dragon Above in some capacity, although those who display sorcerous talents are whisked away to the Librarium. Dragonborn can be found throughout the city, although there is a sizable population of them in the Ninth Ward, where they still adhere to their ancient traditions and rituals.


As the Mind Among sought to forge a new generation of Covenant technology, he accidentally created the Warforged. He crafted them within the massive magical Foundry floating beyond Covenant using power only known to him. Instead of creating what he intended, the Mind’s magics were so great that his creations came to life with their own desires and hopes. Taking pity, the Mind Among allowed them to join the city as citizens instead of servants. A simple yet sturdy people, they are mostly likely to be found in the employ of the Shield or working in the factories of the Seventh Ward. The Warforged also bear a great respect and liking for Prince Syler.


While there are many races in small numbers living in Covenant, the Revenants are particularly important. Every Revenant on Covenant has personally associated with the Shadow Below, and virtually all of them serve him as priests of the Church of the Umbral Shroud. However, there do exist a few Revenants, especially from among those that entered the city of their own volition, that have chosen not to serve alongside their brethren. Ironically, since most Revenants are priests of the Church, the ones that aren’t are still viewed with suspicion and fear by most citizens of Covenant.


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