Notable Persons

The Founders

The most powerful beings on Covenant are the three Founders, each of which is considered a living god by his followers. Very little is known about any of the Founders, and their origins and true names are a mystery. Their descriptions follow here.

The Dragon Who Soars Above

“Protection? My wings are draped over this city, and that is the only protection Covenant will ever need. Do you dare challenge my power?”

The Dragon Above is an ancient, battle-scarred dragon in humanoid form. Terrifying and inspiring, he is responsible for the creation and functioning of the Shield of Covenant, the largest of the three major Organizations. The Dragon Above is fairly actively involved in the day-to-day occurrences of Covenant, and enjoys personally assisting his soldiers with the enforcement of their duties throughout the city. Consequently, his love of battle and penchant for collateral damage has led many criminals to hastily surrender lest they not already be in custody by the time that the Dragon Above arrives. Usually seen flying over the city in his dragon form, the Dragon Above is the living embodiment of the loyal warrior, and has charged himself with protecting Covenant against all threats, both external and domestic. His sigil is the image of a golden dragon perched on a shield.

The Mind Who Walks Among Us

“Have no fear, friend. If I were one of the other two, you’d be dead by now. Consider yourself lucky that I found you.”

The Mind Among is an archmage of unfathomable arcane talent. Famously covered in a shimmering layer of liquid armor, he is also occasionally referred to as the Angel of Covenant, both for his gracious manner and startlingly metallic appearance. The Mind Among founded the Librarium University, and has been the ruling figure there for as long as Covenant has existed. It is said that the Librarium is the sum of all knowledge that the Mind Among has accumulated, although none but the greatest archmages have access to all of its vaults. Soft-spoken and rational, the Mind Among generally takes the foreground when negotiating with extra-planar entities, and will attempt to seek peaceable solutions to most situations. Virtually every scholar and spellcaster in Covenant has at one point or another studied within the halls of his University, and all mages in Covenant bear the image of his familiar as his sigil: an eye with a pair of feathered wings.

The Shadow Who Waits Below

“Your prattling bores me. You have 9 seconds before the city claims your soul. Explain faster.”

The Shadow Below is the most mysterious of the three, and is seen extremely rarely. A being of supreme divine power over all matters of the soul, the Shadow created the Church of the Shroud to act as the judicial body of Covenant. Rumors about the Shadow Below abound, and since he is never seen around the city, there is a general aura of paranoia that he is always nearby and always watching. The Shadow Below is the ultimate authority on all matters spiritual and legal, and makes his will known through his small army of priests, although he has been known to occasionally take personal interest in a situation. Both nightmare and savior, most people of Covenant recognize him as the God of Death even while they worship their personal deities. His symbol is the image of a body wrapped in a flowing shroud.

Other Notables

Prince Syler is the “son” of the Mind Among, though none know the details of this relationship. Syler is a silver construct who bears resemblance to the Dragonborn, though the details his form seems to shift at his pleasure. Other than the Founders, he is one of the most revered figures within the city and can often be seen walking the streets of the city speaking with many of its citizens. Like the Dragon Above, Prince Syler busies himself with daily life in Covenant, often trying to improve the lives of its citizens. He is in charge of the construction around the city and often works with the mages to make sure that the city’s infrastructure is in good shape. Prince Syler is also the head of the merchant guilds that manage the imports and exports of the city.

Other Organizations

The Merchant Guilds: Many guilds of craftsmen and merchants can be found throughout the city. Any and every trade can have a guild which focuses on training apprentices, keeping trade secrets, and setting prices. All of the guilds are part of a confederation led by Prince Syler, who has taken it upon himself to moderate between these groups. The largest and most powerful of the Merchant Guilds is House Ritani, a consistent political enemy of Prince Syler, and the main force behind the drive for lesser government supervision in Covenant.

The Templars: A sub-organization of the Shield, the Templars are warriors especially adapted for hunting rogue arcane users, both on and off Covenant. Most Templars do not publicize their membership and they follow no central leadership, so it is very difficult to track them down or even gauge their numbers. When a Shield soldier is inducted as a Templar, he is trained in techniques specifically adapted against arcane magic and issued special equipment. Many renegade mages have haughtily faced down a squad of Shield soldiers, only to be brought down by a Templar hiding in the ranks.

The Privy Council: The cabinet of Prince Syler, the Privy Council helps him manage the Merchant Guilds. It also works to negotiate extra-planar merchant contracts.

The Elven Court: Although it has no official power, the Elven Court is a symbol of the Elves autocracy and seclusion. The title of King or Queen is inherited along the female line, while other titles of nobility are appointed. The positions are observed within the Third Ward, but many beyond the Ward pay no attention to them.

The Clan Leaders: Among the dragonborn community, many like to reflect on their ancestry and tribal heritage. Although the clans are no longer exclusive associations, each of the five clans has a leader that works with the others to promote Dragonborn heritage.

The Union: Many view the Warforged as second class citizens or not even as a race worthy of citizenship. The Union is a group that strives to better the view of Warforged in the eyes of the other citizens of Covenant and fights for equal rights.

The Bloodletters: A gang haunting the shadier parts of some of the Wards, predominately the Sixth Ward. They draft those cannot find a place for themselves in the city into their ranks. They dare not try open warfare for fear of utter annihilation by the Shield or Church, but their idea of a good time is to loot, plunder, or to trash a guard.

The Blind Eyes: A loosely organized body of renegade mages, the Blind Eyes have no centralized location but find its place in private residences, generally in the Eighth Ward. Some join the group simply to practice and harness magic without having to answer to one of the Founders. Others who join seek to steal powerful and often forbidden magic from one of the Founders.

Notable Persons

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