Covenant of Heroes

The Case of the Missing Mage

  • The party is summoned to the home of one Rhone Syndrii, a gnome looking for unscrupulous adventurers to help him with a private problem.
  • Very politely, he asks if they would be able to track down a missing friend of his, one Theryn Lut.
  • Perrin inquires regarding payment and secure a promise of compensation plus expenses.
  • Rhone gives them directions to Theryn’s apartment in University housing.
  • He also seems to be withholding information, which the party realizes and asks him about. He reveals that Theryn’s brother, Rigel Lut, recently died, and that he is worried Theryn might be depressed.
  • Rhone also requests that they do not make this investigation public so that no embarrassment comes to Theryn, so they should not contact the Shield or the Church about it.
  • The party goes to Theryn’s apartment.
  • They find the door to be locked, so instead decide to go in through the window.
  • The room adjacent contains some students studying for an exam.
  • Perrin promptly gets them drunk while Beyeran discusses the finer points of the University with them.
  • While they are drinking, Lorelei climbs out the window.
  • She climbs into Theryn’s room, and unlocks the door from the inside.
  • The party finds his room in disarray. They retrieve his lute and his notebook.
  • Inside the book, they see lots of drawing, virtually all set in the same house. Mardred sees the secret pages in the back and notices several drawings of a body in a morgue.
  • Outside the door, they are stopped by Priests of the Church, who are also looking for Theryn.
  • To get directions, everyone goes to a administrative complex. They are told that Rigel’s possessions and research will be in a Sorting Room in the University catacombs.
  • Beyeran and Mardred go to Rigel’s old laboratory in the School of Illusion.
  • Perrin, Lorelei, and Daetir head to scry on Theryn via his lute.
  • One of Rigel’s colleagues answers some questions for Beyeran about his research and gives them his address.
  • Perrin is able to convince the mages to perform the scrying, leaving his cask as collateral instead of paying them.
  • The scrying points to a block of warehouses on one of the far ends of the Second Ward.
  • After performing their tasks, the party meets and proceeds to the catacombs together.
  • Once arrived, they spoke briefly with the attendant and persuaded him financially to let them examine the body.
  • Escorted by the attendant and golems, the party moved to examine the room containing Rigel’s remains.
  • However, when the room was opened, it was empty except for a small pile of ash in the corner. * The security alarms went off and the golems and wards promptly attacked.
  • After battling their way free, the party picked up some of Rigel’s remaining documents from the front desk.
  • The party arrives at the address.
  • They investigate the house.
  • Front door is locked, windows are warded.
  • Daetir discovers a broken portion of the fence and tracks indicating traffic to and from one of the side walls of the house.
  • Beyeran and Mardred discover an illusion hiding a small hole punched through the side of the house.
  • Players begin to hear voices in the backs of their minds.
  • Mardred attempts to go through the hole. He gets stuck.
  • When he is most of the way through, Mardred is nabbed by a Thrall, and taken upstairs to be mind-controlled by the Aberration.
  • The party breaks into the house through the hole and fights the Aberration and its slaves.
  • At one point, most of the party is mind controlled. They fight it off.
  • As they destroy the slaves and directly attack the Aberration, the front door crashes open and High Priest Raknar arrives with two other Church Priests in tow.
  • He proceeds to clean up the mess and gives the party a specific warehouse to check for Theryn.
  • Following the address, the party arrives at a warehouse with a suspicious burly man outside the door.
  • They demand to see the head of the organization, and the head mobster comes out.
  • After some negotiations, they secure Theryn from the bandits, and take him back to the Spire.
  • On the way back, they discover his ritual book, and Beyeran makes a copy of Raise Dead.
  • Lorelei goes to retrieve Rhone from his home, and brings him to the Spire for Theryn’s judgement.
  • High Priest Raknar evaluates the case of Theryn Lut, with input from the party and from Rhone.
  • The party convinces Raknar not to put Theryn to death, and instead to rehabilitate him.
  • Rhone thanks them for their help and pays them. High Priest Raknar reimburses them for their losses.


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