Covenant of Heroes

The Lord Ritani (Part 2)

“You are all victims of falsehoods and lies. Bound as slaves by the government you strive so hard to please. I condemn you , and I condemn them. By no means do I hold myself blameless for this, as I have, just as you have, stood by and watched. Watched as the University hunted down unregistered mages and stripped them of their magic. Watched as the Church moved against dissidents and protestors, trapping them forever in their shining Spires. And watched as the Shield sent soldiers against citizens, as it seized private goods, and confiscated “contraband”, only to issue it to its own. No longer will I stand idle and watch. Before you now, I stand as a man of conviction, one who will not bow down before evil any longer. When they took my son to prison, they told me that he was leading riots against the powers that be. So I let them take him, because I am a man of the law. Now I know that I did little more than betray my own flesh and blood, and in doing so, help them in their quest to destroy me and mine. I have brought these men to trial for seeking to kill me, but it is someone else I should have called here instead.

Prince Syler! Are you listening? I have spoken to your lackeys, and I know that you seek my death! However, I will not go quietly and I will not go quickly! These ‘heroes’ are servants of the Prince, and on his order did they come to my residence with murder on their minds. At long last, Covenant moves to destroy House Ritani. The Dragon arrests my son, then the Shadow begins to confiscate my goods. The Prince sends assassins, while the Mind begins to destroy my name. While he is merely a man, Baraghir Ritani will fight you to the last!

Look around, all of you. See the cracks in the walls, see the blood leaking through those crevices. I accuse the leaders of Covenant, your glorious Founders, of treachery and deceit. The Dragon Above, I accuse of the crimes of repression and intimidation! In turn, I accuse his accomplice, the Shadow Below, of manipulation and extortion! Those are obvious crimes, and they require no explanation. However, I also accuse the Mind Among. His is the greatest crime of them all. His is the crime of false memory, and the crime of misplaced history. It is his task to bear witness to the journey of Covenant, and to remember. But he does not always choose to remember. The stories of Covenant are his alone, and hidden in his archives, none of us know them. How old is this city? How many live here? Who was the last to challenge the rule of the Founders? Are they gone, forgotten, buried over time, sparks in the night snuffed out by insidious machinations? Be remembered! If I should die tomorrow by knives in the night, remember my name and do not fear to speak it aloud.

You, Explorers, should be ashamed. Your once mighty guild, travelers and adventurers, reduced to petty enforcers of the Dragon Above, fighting for the scraps that fall beneath his wings. Look to your history! Fight the influence of the Mind and darkness of the Shadow, and see the truth that lies hidden from you!”


Alex_Savtchenko Alex_Savtchenko

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