Covenant of Heroes

A Picnic in Hell


  • A high priest of the Shadow Below meets the group and escorts them into the Guardian’s Gate.
  • The party traverses an extreme set of stairs to reach the teleport chamber.
  • Teleport!
  • Party finds itself in an outpost on another plane.
  • The priest finally informs them of the mission. The party is to recover a white mask from this plane. Scrying has turned up little information on the mask, except that it is very powerful. The party can’t come back home until it has the mask.
  • The heroes try to gain some knowledge about the plane they’re on.
  • Traversing the barren terrain, the party reaches a ravine.
  • Hellhounds attack the party. They break through the front ranks and surround the more fragile members.
  • The party manages to defeat the Hellhounds, but is confronted by Baron Rosier, a powerful figure in this plane of Hell.
  • The Baron insists on taking the party to Dis, the central city on this layer of Hell.
  • The party marches with him to Dis, witnessing horrors along the way. Some suffer damage to their consciences as a result.
  • The Baron brings the party before Hyborem, the Balrog who rules Dis, and The Eater of Dreams, a powerful servant in Hell.
  • He offers the mask and safe passage back home in exchange for doing three favors for him.
  • After some short negotiation, the party agrees to do the favors for Hyborem.
  • The party stumbled across a chapel, empty and without worshipers.
  • Inside, a man’s head sat on a podium, a white mask covering it.
  • Taking a risk, Perrin pressed his face to the mask, and it instantly jumped from the disembodied head to his own.
  • The now-maskless head began to scream, and painful visions filled the mind of the party members. In an unsuccesful attempt to stop the screaming, Lorelei stabbed the head with a dagger.
  • The magical ward surrounding the chapel fell, and a gargoyle appeared outside. A servant of Hyborem, the gargoyle presented the party with a Hellhound, with which to track down the next task.
  • Thia tracks the quarry via a scrap of clothing found at the edge of the forest.
  • A child is discovered, which quickly attempted to flee. Beyeran immobilized it without hurting it.
  • When the party tried to tie up the child, its furious father crashed through the brush and attacked the party.
  • Thia jumps Perrin as he is distracted, and takes the mask from him. She reverts to her natural elven form.
  • While attempting to euthanize the child, Thia tore into its leg causing the mother to also engage the party.
  • The party fought and brutally killed the family. Heads were removed, bodies were buried, hellhound was discouraged from eating corpses.
  • They turned in the heads to the Gargoyle, accomplishing task #2. In return, the gargoyle presented the party with a crystal for their next task.
  • Following the road back to Dis, the party came to the entrance hall of a palace.
  • An immortal Paladin guarded the hall against the demon hordes, bound to the location by an oath. He revealed himself and blinded the party, which asked him to leave with the party.
  • While the party was blind, Perrin took the mask back from Thia.
  • The paladin refused to leave and judged each individual party member. Those found wanting were smote.
  • The crystal Lorelei was holding reacted violently near the paladin, and tore itself from her grasp. It charged the paladin who managed to deflect it.
  • The paladin accused the party of treachery and initiated combat.
  • Lorelei drove the crystal into the paladin’s chest, destroying him and driving her insane.
  • Returning the Eater of Dreams, the party asks permission to leave. Lorelei stays behind to talk again with Hyborem about a private matter.
  • She makes a deal with the Eater of Dreams to spread a mysterious dust inside the Covenant outpost in exchange for returning the life of her deceased child.
  • Lorelei is teleported back to the outpost ahead of the party, who are traveling on foot.
  • Upon entering the outpost, Lorelei distributes the dust given to her. It collects on, and seems to disable the giant crystal powering the outpost’s teleport circle. Runes are disrupted, and the crystal is coated in a tough layer of the powder. Her child is returned to her by the eater of dreams.
  • With the crystal disabled, the forces of Hell are able to locate and breach the walls of the outpost. A battle ensues in which many soldiers and mages lose their lives.
  • Seeking to restore the ward, Beyeran cleanses the powder from the crystal. The ward reactivates, preventing further troops from entering the outpost.
  • The party cleans up the surviving demons, but is unable to stop the Eater of Dreams from escaping. Among the dead is the high priest and his bodyguard.
  • The remaining mage manages to restore the runes guiding the teleportation ritual.
  • The party escapes back to Covenant, along with the child, the surviving mage and the Iron Guard.
  • Perrin’s mask is not discovered.


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